VA - Aarniohetki

Foil On Records proudly presents VA - Aarniohetki.

This record showcases the Finnish underground chill-out production scene. All tracks are result of surviving hard life in the deep darkness Of the endless winter and the happiness of never-ending summer nights. This record is made to withstand a level 5 drug-induced psychosis, Two bottles of Jaloviina, and Suomen Hallitus.

This compilation offers you an unadulterated And true northern soundscapes unlike anything Mankind has ever encountered before.

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Compiled by Jay Aarnio
Mastered by Vali OzanaVMAT2 at Bárðr StudioLab
Cover art by Misha Manist
Released August 13, 2017

Jorgos Petrovsky, An Du, Samu Hynynen, Andy Väätäinen, Toni Lappalainen, Je Di, Matti Muurinen, Joonas Kalli